‘Twas but a dream.

dream galaxies-collide

Happy Sunday, everyone! (Said no one ever.)

The image is a piece from my sketchbook, the poem is based on a dream I had a while ago – it was hands down the most memorable and beautiful dream I have ever experienced in my life. I mean, think about it. Floating in space?!

Picture this: You jump off a building and upon hitting the ground you find yourself floating in outer space looking back at the earth. You know you shouldn’t be able to breathe and yet somehow you can. You then begin traveling through asteroid belts and around massive planets while the rays of the sun splash upon your virtually lifeless body. You’re utterly and completely filled with question and awe.

It was absolutely incredible. (And, no, I wasn’t stoned to the bone.)

What was the most amazing dream you have ever had? Keep in mind, I don’t mean “dream” as in those aspirations you have while awake (although those are great and super important and I would love to hear about them). I mean those subconscious visions you have while asleep.

Until next time, stay awesome!


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