Identities #2

Over the last week or so the Unicorn Family has almost doubled thanks to a lovely feature I received on the “Discover” page, how incredible (extra special thanks to Michelle)! No pressure or anything though…

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments – ya’ll really know how to make a girl feel like her art is (finally) heading in the right direction! Because so many of you came for my “Identities” I figured I might as well go ahead and share a few more from my sketchbook. Plus, I have literally filled an entire sketchbook with just these little guys – a goal I had set for myself and actually reached! Woot woot!

If I learned anything from developing this style / body of work:
(especially helpful for those who are lost or in a rut)
Try anything.
Just. Make. Something.

So here we are now. Months after creating my first Identity.
Thanks to all of you fine people, I will continue to push these Identities until they can be pushed no more! I hope you stick along for the ride.

Doze cats and pizza and baked goods doe…that was a stretch…








A couple of these pieces, as well as a some from my previous “Identities” post, are already available for sale as prints at a gallery here in the city I live in. Now, the question is, what is the best way for me to make prints (originals, knitwear, basically anything artsy) available to all of you wonderful people?

The two options I’m currently leaning towards are:
[1] Selling here on my blog via WooCommerce or something similar.
[2] Of course, the ever popular, Etsy.

Have any of you had any experience either buying or selling via either of those two platforms? Is there another that is even better than these two? I am finding pros and cons to both so I thought, what better way to make the best decision than to ask those that could likely be future customers! HALP! I look forward to hearing what ya’ll think!

Until next time, stay awesome!

7 thoughts on “Identities #2

  1. Yogesh Dabral

    Hey osseous hope you are doing fine.Just now i came across your designs and i found them really interesting.We can make t-shirts,coffee mugs having your designs printed on them.I am gonna promote those on my blog too….

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