a r t i s t // g r a p h i c . d e s i g n e r // u n i c o r n

This (newly revived and completely restarted [+ slightly more explicit, read: realistic]) blog will serve as a sort of behind the scenes look at my work and life. The artwork I share here will, in the next couple months (after we move), be available for purchase on an Etsy. Stay tuned!


1. adjective Consisting of or turned into bone; ossified.
2. personally (if not mildly ironic) A new beginning.

The term osseous. for me, symbolizes the bones of an idea being turned into a final product. Whether it’s fine art or graphic design, generally speaking, the process remains the same – it’s about taking the known and turning it into the unknown and vise versa, turning intangible ideas into the tangible.

If you would like to become a part of the Unicorn Family you
can find all of my usernames/handles on my “connect” page.

Stay awesome!

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