So it begins…


My new schedule has me up before the sun. It also has me wearing my “office sweater” and drinking coffee…DAILY. On the reg. Like there’s no tomorrow. Like I might LITERALLY (read in the voice of Chris Traeger) die without it.

It’s like, all of the sudden, within two days, I am instantly one of THOSE people now. You know, like that co-worker of yours that has to make their daily trip to the local name-brand coffee shop. Maybe its so they can exist or maybe it’s just to kill twenty minutes of their work day but you can’t be sure so you just go with it.

In my defense, I cut out most of my soda intake a couple months ago – a large part of that is caffeine. So basically, with this new “daily coffee”, I bounce off the walls of my office while also trying to sleep under my desk. It’s fantastic.

Is this what the beginning of my quarter century life crisis looks like?!
I guess it could be worse – I could be snorting cocaine off the back of a hooker’s ass.

Until next time, stay awesome!


If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ve probably seen all of these before. For those of you who don’t &/or have not, these little faces (or “Identities”) are my current drawing obsession. Over the past few months I have been trying to develop them into something a little more interesting. While I do like where they’re going, I still don’t think I’ve quite “taken them to that level” yet – I look forward to seeing where we end up. Enjoy.


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Until next time, stay awesome!

New Year, “New Blog”, New Me

This year's celebration was bittersweet. It was my final New Year's ball drop in the city I've lived in for the past 17 years. Here's to 2017!
This year’s celebration was bittersweet. It was my final New Year’s ball drop in the city I’ve lived in for the past 17 years. Here’s to 2017!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Remember me? It’s been, yet again, another two or so years since I’ve posted anything. Tsk-tsk, Makena. But this time around I have decided to do something different – I completely cleaned out my blog, having deleted everything. I’m starting over, starting fresh. No overdue posts to worry about, no annoying static. Just a blank slate. What better time is there than at the beginning of a new year anyways?

I for one have a lot to look forward to / work on this year:
• I’m getting married in March
• We’re moving half way across the country to North Carolina a few months after that
• I am going to try my darndest to start blogging (about life things, and art things and whatnot things) more consistently again
• I’d love to get reacquainted with all of you wonderful people
• I hope to find my voice as an artist / really solidify my “style” (I think I’m almost there)
• An Etsy will exist (once I build a large enough inventory)
• I’ll continue my journey to living a healthier life (40 lbs down, here’s to 40 more)
• Did I mention I’ll also be turning 25? Hello quarter life crisis! I’m going to be in you so hard!

Overall, this is pretty much going to be the biggest (and hopefully best) year of my life. Heck, it shouldn’t be too difficult to beat 2016 – I mean, am I right or am I right?

How about you? How are ya, how’s it goin’, how’s it been? Do you have any 2017 resolutions? Hopes? Dreams? Just happy to have made it through 2016?

So, for those of you that have been here since the beginning (what’s it been…oh, 6 or 8 years already?), thank you for not giving up on me, even when I gave up on myself a couple times. As for those of you who are hearing of me for the first time, welcome – stay awhile! I sure hope I do, this time!

Until next time, stay awesome!